Ritmo&Blu Records is a record label that decided to put sound research and care at the very core of its production activity, ranging from electronic experimental music to jazz contaminations, from singing-songwriting solo musicians to folk bands. From recording to mixing and the final making of record supports, all Ritmo&Blu productions share the same approach: craftsmanship every step.

The recording and mixing take place at Ritmo&Blu, a studio that can adapt to different line–ups of musicians playing simultaneously, and whose analogue equipment has been carefully selected from the last sixty years’ musical history in sound recording.

Our faith in analogue recording is not blind: we simply believe that this technological language can most respect the process of music being made and listened to. Rather than outdated, we think it’s simply an “untimely” technology that can lead to a better concentration of musical contents in a purer form. It highlights the interaction and “nowness” of the making of things, losing every predetermined strategy in the artistic production to come up with unprecedented, quality solutions.

So maybe recording and production can return to their original roots: shaping different voices, different sounds to rediscover the unique, almost-forgotten pleasure of listening to music.