Stick Men – OWARI


Tony Levin: Chapman Stick, voice
Pat Mastelotto: Acoustic and electronic drums & percussion
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars® AU8, soundscapes
feat. Gary Husband: Keyboards

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In the middle of 2019, Leonardo Pavkovic of MoonJune Records was planning a whirlwind Asian tour of Stick Men for early 2020.

The band included the legendary King Crimson veteran battery of Tony Levin (Chapman stick) and Pat Mastelotto (drums, acoustic and electronic percussion), plus the composer and touch guitarist, Markus Reuter.

Adding additional excitement and buzz to the tour was the inclusion of special guest, UK drums/ piano/keyboards player Gary Husband (Allan Holdsworth, John McLaughlin, Jack Bruce), joining the band for the abbreviated, but highly anticipated Far East tour.

The tour entourage arrived in Nagoya on February 26th, slated for a day of relaxing after the long flights. Then there was a short rehearsal and discussion about the music to be performed, at the table in the hotel’s reception hall, prior to the first performance at Blue Note Nagoya, on the 28th. But on the afternoon of the first show, when they arrived at the venue for load-in, rehearsal and soundcheck, Leonardo received a call from a Billboard Live Osaka representative. It was with extreme disappointment that he was informing the band of the news that the show in Nagoya would turn out to be their only performance: Japan’s national government had declared a state of emergency, and all public venues were to be closed indefinitely, starting from the following day (February 29th). Once again it was time to reroute flights and majorly adjust.

So far, the story behind this Stick Men album, aptly named OWARI (which translates from Japanese to English as “The End”).

This is a precious testimony. “OWARI” isn’t ‘the end’ per se, but marks a new beginning for the band, closing the first 11-year-long chapter and starting a new, even more adventurous one.

Side A
A HAJIME – 5.23
2. CUSP – 4.53
3. HIDE THE TREES – 6.42
5. LEVEL 5 – 6.47

Side B
6. CRACK IN THE SKY – 5.32
7. PROG NOIR – 6.15
8. OWARI – 5.37
11. SWIMMING IN T – 9.02

Tony Levin: Chapman Stick, voice
Pat Mastelotto: Acoustic and electronic drums & percussion
Markus Reuter: Touch Guitars® AU8, soundscapes
Gary Husband: Keyboards

Recorded live at Blue Note Nagoya, Japan, February 28, 2020.
F.O.H. & recording engineer Robert Frazza.
Mixed and mastered by Stefano Castagna at Ritmo&Blu studios.

Produced by Markus Reuter for Stick Men.
Ⓒ & Ⓟ 2020 Stick Men Records, MoonJune Records MJR106

“Hajime” includes a sample of Deborah Carter Mastelotto reciting Pete Sinfield‘s “Peace”.
Cover artwork by Hajo MüllerDesign and layout by Bernhard Wöstheinrich /
Photographs in this booklet by Tony Levin and Leonardo Pavkovic.

Master Tape Version:
Premium high output studio tape SM900
2 master tapes, 1 hour of music
Artisanal box
Metal reel
Artists signed cards
Tapes created from the original master from MCI SH110 to STUDER A810

Compact Cassette Version
C60 cassette with hi-quality tape (type I)
Artisanal box
Artists signed cards
The realization of the cassettes does not take place with industrial duplication but with duplicators that record with a 1/1.
The cassettes are made from a digital file made at 24 / 96khz.


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